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Rose water

85.00 EGP

Large pores/ Face Glow

For all skin types

Weight: 70ml ( suitable for 2 months)

spearmint water

85.00 EGP
Maward toner clarify the face and tightens the pores through its natural astringent effect , fits all skin types Best use after maward facial wash and before maward moisturizer twice a day according to your skin type Alcohol 0% كحول Aluminum 0% الومنيوم Paraben 0% باربن Silicon سيلكون No added Colors 0% الوان صناعيه After washing face with maward facial wash , spray a proper quantity of maward toner on your face Spearmint leaves distillate Preservative - Store away from sunlight , heat and humidity - Keep out of reach of children - For external use only - Made in A.R.E Manufactured by secrets of nature company Avoid contact with eyes ,in case contact with eyes immediately rinse with plenty of water