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Hair shampoo

150.00 EGP
Dry Hair / Hair Loss With 100% Natural Liquorish Extract Weight: 200ml ( suitable for 2 months)

Hair Conditioner

100.00 EGP

Moisturize & Shine

with coconut

Weight: 100ml ( suitable for 2 months)

Hair Serum

150.00 EGP

Hair hydration and adding shine to dull hair

Treatment for hair loss

Suitable for all hair types

The hair serum comes in a 100ml size and can last for more than two months.

wooden comb

50.00 EGP
Gives hair a soft, smooth and shiny look The hair oil used in the treatment is distributed over all hair, preventing hair tangles and facilitating combing curly hair Helps stimulate blood circulation, which increases hair growth faster and does not scratch the scalp - There are no synthetic coatings on the wooden comb that cause an increase in static electricity It is recommended to comb the hair between 1-3 times a day according to the needs of the hair Use with wet and dry hair and all hair types


75.00 EGP85.00 EGP
Made from sustainable forest wood Ergonomic handle makes this brush easy to hold Glides through hair easily Eco friendly Long lasting More gentle and softer touch than other normal hair brushes.‎ It can massage your scalp.‎ Healthy for improving your hair quality.‎ Comfortable and convenient


300.00 EGP

حجمه ٥٠ ملل وبيكفي لأكثر من شهرين لأنك  بتستخدمى كميه بسيطه .

  •  مرطب للبشره والجسم.
  •  نضاره وترطيب البشره.
  •  مقاوم للتجاعيد.
  •  بيمنع تساقط الشعر.
  • مش بيزيت وسهل الأمتصاص ومناسب جدا للأستخدام اليومى .
  •  ️مناسب لكل الأعمار .
  •  مناسب لكل انواع البشره بما فيهم البشره الدهنيه.
  • طبيعى ونقى ١٠٠%

Horse tail powder

75.00 EGP

125 grams size and lasts for over two months

  • Hair lengthening
  • Hair smoothing
  • Hair strengthening
  • Nail strengthening
  • For foot problems
  • Suitable for all hair types


150.00 EGP
Maward oils are 100% natural and cold pressed Can be used externally , can add them in your beauty routine after referring to specialist - Store away from sunlight , heat and humidity - Keep out of reach of children - For external use only - Made in A.R.E Avoid contact with eyes ,in case contact with eyes immediately rinse with plenty of water