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spearmint water

85.00 EGP
Maward toner clarify the face and tightens the pores through its natural astringent effect , fits all skin types Best use after maward facial wash and before maward moisturizer twice a day according to your skin type Alcohol 0% كحول Aluminum 0% الومنيوم Paraben 0% باربن Silicon سيلكون No added Colors 0% الوان صناعيه After washing face with maward facial wash , spray a proper quantity of maward toner on your face Spearmint leaves distillate Preservative - Store away from sunlight , heat and humidity - Keep out of reach of children - For external use only - Made in A.R.E Manufactured by secrets of nature company Avoid contact with eyes ,in case contact with eyes immediately rinse with plenty of water

Hair Conditioner

100.00 EGP

Moisturize & Shine

with coconut

Weight: 100ml ( suitable for 2 months)

Hair Serum

150.00 EGP

Hair hydration and adding shine to dull hair

Treatment for hair loss

Suitable for all hair types

The hair serum comes in a 100ml size and can last for more than two months.


75.00 EGP85.00 EGP
Made from sustainable forest wood Ergonomic handle makes this brush easy to hold Glides through hair easily Eco friendly Long lasting More gentle and softer touch than other normal hair brushes.‎ It can massage your scalp.‎ Healthy for improving your hair quality.‎ Comfortable and convenient

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

150.00 EGP
No More Dryness Thyme Extract Natural 100% Weight: 200ml ( suitable for 2 months)

Coconut oil

150.00 EGP

Size is 100 ml

  • For hair detangling.
  • For hair smoothing.
  • Moisturizer for skin and body.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Suitable for all skin and hair types.

Wildflower Honey

60.00 EGP

Size is 140 ml.

  • Resistant to wrinkles
  • Excellent for acne
  • Cleanser for all skin types
  • 100% natural and pure
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Applied on acne reduces them significantly and decreases inflammation
  • Used with rose water as a natural skin cleanser
  • Suitable for hair and skin masks